Device demonstrations & loans

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UATP is dedicated to helping people find the assistive technology that is right for them.

We provide AT demonstrations to show people with disabilities their options. We also allow people to "check out" assistive technology from our demonstration libraries, so that they can be sure it will fill their needs before they make a purchase. We do this through our locations in Logan and the Uintah Basin, and through referrals to other organizations.

For more information, contact Dan O'Crowley in Logan at 435-797-0699 or Cameron Cressall in the Uintah Basin, or call our toll free-number: 800-524-5152.

Fabrication labs

The Utah Assistive Technology Program has two labs, in Logan and the Uintah Basin. Demonstrations and loans of assistive technology are provided to people who need it at both locations.

Both also build custom-made, low-tech devices for people who need them, usually for the cost of materials. 

They also help repurpose used equipment, getting it into the hands of people who need it at an affordable cost. For more information, visit our reuse page.

Demonstration library

UATP has hundreds of devices geared to helping people with disabilities become more independent. Most can be checked out; all can be demonstrated in Logan and the Uintah Basin. To find out what types of devices are available, visit our library page.

Additional demonstration and lending resources

Utah’s Independent Living Centers

Utah Center for Assistive Technology (Salt Lake City)

Utah Assistive Technology Teams (focuses on school-aged children throughout the state) 

Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired 

Utah Parent Center (Services for school-aged children with disabilities and their families)


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