Utah Assistive Technology Program Staff

Send UATP staff feedback or ask a question. We are here to help! Media should direct requests to JoLynne Lyon for assistance.


Sachin Pavithran
Sachin Pavithran - UATP Program Director
Phone: (435)797-6572
Office: HSRC 306, Utah State University
Marilyn Hammond
Marilyn Hammond - Utah Assistive Technology Foundation Executive Director
Phone: (435) 797-3811
Office: HSRC 314, Utah State University
Lois Summers
Lois Summers - UATP Staff Assistant/UATF Loan Coordinator
Phone: (435) 797-2025
Office: HSRC 302J, Utah State University
Alma Burgess
Alma Burgess - UATP Data Collection Coordinator
Phone: (435) 797-0253
Office: HSRC 302G, Utah State University

JoLynne Lyon

JoLynne Lyon - UATP Public Relations/Marketing Specialist
Phone: (435) 797-7412
Office: HSRC 302I, Utah State University

Clay Christensen
Clay Christensen - Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
Phone: (435) 797-0699
Office: JQL 126, Utah State University
Cameron Cressall

Cameron Cressall - Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
Phone: (435) 767-1719
Office:2574 West 500 North, #2, Vernal, UT 84078

Tom Boman
Tom Boman - CReATE Program Coordinator
Phone: (801) 887-9390
Office: 1595 W. 500 S., Salt Lake City, UT

Carolyn Hulinsky - CReATE Assistant
Phone: (801) 887-9398
Office: 1595 W. 500 S., Salt Lake City, UT

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