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The Utah Assistive Technology Program (UATP) is part of the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. Our mission is to put assistive technology into the hands of people who need it. We also help people afford those devices. Our goal is to promote independence in education, employment, and community settings.

We serve individuals with disabilities of all ages throughout the state of Utah. Our job is to provide assistive technology devices and services, as well as train parents, children with disabilities, professional service providers, and university students about assistive technology. We coordinate our services with community organizations and others who provide independence-related supports.


Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, or system that can increase, maintain or improve independence. It can be high-tech or low-tech.

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Need a gently used device? Have a gently used device to sell or give away?



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UATP classifieds: a comprehensive means of helping Utahns access AT statewide

Do you have a gently used device to sell or give away? Do you need a gently used device? The Utah Assistive Technology Program announces the UATP Classifieds: our newest and most comprehensive means of helping Utahns access the equipment they need, regardless of where they live in the state. all about it on our blog

A young advocate in Africa gains new independence, thanks to UATP

This week in West Africa, a young man is trying out his motorized wheelchair for the first time. He joins with the Utah Assistive Technology Program in thanking the people who made it possible.
“My new wheelchair has changed my life,” said Jacques Zongo, who lives in Burkina Faso. “I am not always all about it on our blog
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